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The Art of the Roast...

Sourcing coffee that positively impacts coffee farmers is one of our greatest challenges, so we are investing in a solution. Our partners build relationships with coffee growers and cooperatives around the globe who align with our core values—quality, traceability, and sustainability—and then we do everything we can to support those producers. 

We support producers who are committed to gender equality, who invest in environmentally-sound farming practices, and take sustainability seriously.

We don’t just talk-the-talk. We walk-the-walk and have the receipts to prove it. When you buy coffee from us, you’re contributing to a cause much larger than yourself. You are contributing to the rebirth of a supply chain that is more sustainable & more ethically built than ever before. 

Thank you for supporting Blackbird Cafe and our coffee program.

Remember to "Sip it slow" 

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